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Rewardle – frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


I have a plastic card, how do I link it to the Rewardle app?

That is an easy one, just scan the card with the scanner in the rewardle app and you will be walked through the linking process.

Why is the merchant I go to regularly not appearing in the app?

When you use a tablet in store the points are always recorded, but if the tablet is not connected to the internet then it cannot get your points back to the cloud.

Rewardle works best when the tablet at your merchant is connected to the Internet. If it’s online, points update on your phone soon after you interact with the tablet. If the tablet is offline, points cannot sync to the cloud and therefore will not be visible on your phone. All your points are still recorded and accessible on the merchant tablet for you to redeem rewards during visits. We monitor the online status of tablets and visit offline locations to get them back online. As soon as the tablet is online your points will sync and will be visible on your phone.

Can I use both the plastic card and my phone?

Yes you can. Once you link the two you can use either one, but as we want you to carry less cards just leave the card at home and use your phone.

How can I check my card points and linked merchants?

Once you have linked your card to the phone app, you will be able to see the points and linked merchants on our Rewardle app. However, there can be a slight delay when syncing the tablet to the cloud.

I have points on my card, but when I register on the phone I need to start a new account. What should I do?

Just sign up and scan the Rewardle Card with the scanner within the Rewardle App and follow the prompts to link your card to the phone app. If you have already entered your email on the merchant tablet, and the email is different to your sign up email, you will receive an email from us to confirm which email address you would like to use.

Why are my points different on my phone compared to the tablet?

Points are never lost but there can be delays in the sync from the tablet to the cloud. The most common is that if the tablet is offline, the points don’t sync so the points might be different compared to the tablet.

After scanning the card, how long will it take me to see my points on the phone app?

If the merchant tablet remains online, you will normally see the points within the hour on your phone app.

I have more than enough points for my next reward, what will happen if I do not redeem it now?

Your points will accumulate so you can redeem whenever you want. We always just tell you on the summary screen how many points you need till your next reward at the merchant shop.

What do I do if I lose my plastic card?

If you have our phone app, and have already merged your card to your phone; you don’t need your plastic card, and you can use the QR code in the app as it should have all the points from your card. If you prefer using a plastic card, just grab a new card and merge it to you phone so that the card will have the same points. If you do not have our phone app, you can just grab a new card and register with the same email address. We will automatically merge all your previous points to that new card if it has the same email address as your previous card.

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